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Yoga Class Schedule

Stretch & Strength Yoga With Mikenze

 Wednesdays  •  6pm - 7pm  •  Belleville 

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A Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga class designed to help you build strength and get a deep stretch to improve your flexibility. These classes will also work your cardiovascular system, all while deepening your connection with yourself. This class is excellent for those who want to tone their body and improve overall fitness

"I have really enjoyed participating in Yoga with Mikenze, both in person and online. Mikenze does an excellent job walking you through each pose. I never feel pressured to be perfect and I'm learning to trust my body. My flexibility and posture have greatly improved!"

Tania C - Picton, On


Stretch & Mobility Yoga With Mikenze

 Mondays  •  6pm - 7pm  •  Belleville 

A Hatha Yoga class that will give you a deep stretch to improve flexibility while working specific joints to keep them lubricated and functioning well. This class is excellent for those who stay in one position for long periods of time such as sitting at a desk and for those who want a deep stretch to keep their bodies limber.

"Mikenze is a great instructor, providing thorough direction, offering modified poses, and encouragement to push me to hold and stretch just a little more. My flexibility and strength have improved considerably since I started 5 weeks ago. The half an hour at 1pm is the perfect way to break up my at-home work day. I definitely recommend Yoga with Mikenze."

Becki M - Prince Edward County, On

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