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+ Women's Circle

 Puppy Yoga With Mikenze & Golden Retrievers 
+ Spring Equinox Women's Circle - Planting Seeds 

Saturday, March 23rd  •  2pm - 4pm  •  Quinte West
$60 per participant | 8 participants max


Event Breakdown

2pm • Welcome & Meet the Pups

Marr Golden Retrievers is a Golden Retriever breeder in Quinte West who has 11, yes ELEVEN, adult Golden Retrievers and 10 Golden Retriever puppies. You will be greeted at the gate by the dogs and myself. We will put our shoes and coats away and soak in some adult Golden love while we wait for everyone to arrive. Then we will make our way to the puppy zone.

2:10pm • Puppy Yoga With Mikenze & Golden Retrievers

Once everyone has settled, we will enjoy a 40 minute stretch-based Yoga class with time throughout to cuddle with the puppies. This class is perfect for ASALAB: Any Size, Any Level, Any Body!

2:50pm - 3pm • Puppy Cuddles

After our Puppy Yoga class we will spend time cuddling and playing with the puppies.

3pm - 4pm • Women's Circle With Puppies

As the puppies settle in to their cuddle spots, we will arrange ourselves into a circle and I will explain what to expect. We will then chat about what we want out of the next 6 months. Think about every facet of life: relationship, career, art, business, friendships, travel, etc. Everyone will get the opportunity to share but also may opt out if they prefer. Once we have all decided what we want out of the next 6 months, I will lead us through a seed planting meditation.

This experience may extend past 2 hours

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