Horse Yoga With Mikenze

About the Class:

   The class is located in the large aisle of a barn, with Horse stalls along either side. It will run for approximately 40 minutes. The flow will be beginner-based and accessible to all. This class is truly an experience for "Any Size, Any Level, Any Body!" Following the class will be an informal farm tour. Our farm walk will be suitable to the season. This is your opportunity to visit the farm with the farmer and ask all of those "I've always wondered why..." questions. In the summer months you can tour paddocks and meet the residents. Maybe you have questions about horse care, our breeding and foaling procedures or maybe even about machinery.  In spring and fall we offer a walk in the woods.  Everyone enjoys a forest cleanse. Each of these encounters will be different and based on the group dynamics.

Important Notes:

  • Location: Black Park Shires - 3154 County Rd 1, Prince Edward County, ON

  • Pre-Registration is encouraged as classroom space is limited to 14 participants per class.

  • Participants Must Sign a Waiver upon arrival. We ask that you please print clearly and fill out all applicable information. You will see the sign in table at the entrance of the barn.

  • Please Bring Your Own Mat, however, if you are stuck without one, we have a few available.

  • Parking - Please park in designated area. When you first pull into the farm, turn right into the first paddock where you will find pilons set up for parking. Signs will be placed with clear instructions.

About the Venue:

   Located in beautiful Prince Edward County, Black Park Shires is owned and operated by the Alexander family.  Sandra, Jim and Jett have been breeding Shires for about 25 years. As a family, they enjoy raising a couple of foals each year and showing their Shires on the International level. Many of their sold horses have gone on to have success in the show ring and as breeding stock. Some have also lived happy lives as saddle horses. Black Park horses have been sold throughout Canada and exported to the USA and Mexico.

About the Horses:

   The Shire Horse is of British descent, developed in the Shire regions. These areas are often wet and the horses were bred with hair "feather" on their lower legs to protect their skin from the moisture as they worked in wet conditions. Originally, Shires were farm and working horses, known for their remarkable strength. An adult horse can easily pull twice its weight. As farming changed, the horses became popular in towns and cities as delivery horses and a favorite among breweries. Modern day Shires are often used commercially for carriage service, with only a few employed by breweries. Known for their calm and kind dispositions, they are among the largest of the draft breeds and horses. Over 18 hands high is common.  Some are used in the show ring where they are shown in conformation and in "hitch" classes where they are hooked to a cart or wagon. Shires are quite popular as saddle horses because of their good looks, calm temperament and graceful movement.  Several Shires have proven themselves to be great competitors in the dressage ring. There are very few Shires world wide and they are often on the endangered or at-risk lists. 

Covid-19 Statement:

   Please abide by all Ontario Laws and maintain 2-metre/ 6.5-feet from those who are not in your personal bubble. There is no scientific evidence to show that COVID-19 can be transferred on or from animal fur. The area will be well ventilated with fresh air flow throughout.

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