Bandhas: Yoga Energetic Locks

Yoga has many different practices to help you strengthen your practice. This happens through your mind and through your body. One of these practices is called ‘Bandhas’, or energetic locks. There are three energetic locks that this article will explain: Mula Bandha, Uddiyana Banhda, and Jalandhara Banda.

The Mula Bandha, or Root Lock, starts inside the area of the pelvis: the sacrum. To activate the lock, activate and lift your pelvic floor muscles (also known as a ‘Kegel’ exercise). The contraction of these muscles should be gentle and held continuously. This can be done during any Pranayama (breathing) exercise and specific Yoga Asanas (poses) such as chair pose, boat pose, or a deep Yogic squat. By practicing the Mula Bandha, the impurities of our energy (Mala) are lifted up to the fire. The energy is sent up the spine towards higher stages of consciousness.