Why Yoga?

I have been asked many times: Why Yoga? There are so many answers to this question, so many reasons, that I decided to write them all down in one place.

The first major reason I chose Yoga is because I struggle with cardio and other exercises due to my diagnosis of Borderline Asthma. When I first started Yoga, it was particularly bad as I had been smoking for years at that point. I breath heavy in Yoga, but its not the same as with cardio and others. Holding poses for certain periods of time requires less lung stamina. And although I still breath heavily, I can control it through my breathing practice that goes along with Yoga. I can also take a Child's Pose at any point and focus solely on my breathing to get it under control.

The second reason deals with the calming factor of a yoga practice. Yoga does a great job in calming the mind. There are many factors that attribute to this, including the ultimate focus on breath and not on anything else happening around us or in our lives, and using physical exertion to release stress. There are many poses that allow us to release pent up emotions in Yoga as well, and this assists Yogis to feel calm after a practice. I almost always feel calm and relaxed after my Yoga practice, and this is one of the many reasons why I chose Yoga.