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Mikenze and I were students together in a Musical Theatre program. Life happens and we lost touch after school but I have been following her Yoga journey on social media in the last two years. I've always been interested in yoga but never knew where to start and was often too intimidated to seek out studios and in-person classes. I decided to give Yoga With Mikenze a go, both to support a friend's new business and as a low-pressure way to take class. WOW! Mikenze is a wonderful teacher with an upbeat and encouraging personality. She takes her time moving you through each pose and each flow, rather than rushing through as I have experienced with some other classes I've taken. She is careful to explain each step of the way and makes sure you are protecting your body while also challenging yourself. I've only taken a few classes so far but have ended each class dripping with sweat but feeling strong, accomplished and at peace. I highly recommend Yoga With Mikenze, whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned Yogi, you won't be disappointed!tomers’ details and get your site visitors excited!

Emily B - Toronto, ON

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