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Wellness Walks

With Mikenze

"I am uniquely qualified to guide others in this experience, not only because of my education, but because I live my life mindfully. I am very aware and I am very SELF aware and I always reflect on situations after they have happened. I am constantly working on myself to be the best person I can be"

- Mikenze Pearsoll -

Immerse yourself in nature while being guided through various meditation, breathing, and grounding techniques

Mikenze Pearsoll


I designed this experience to share my love of nature and helping others. I wanted a way to find peace in the midst of the everyday hustle and bustle.


We will meet in various local parks and conservation areas, taking you on a guided tour, stopping for mindfulness exercises and other activities that you will be able to utilize in your everyday lives.

My mission is to share my knowledge with others to help encourage others to connect with nature in order to deepen their connection within themselves.


Silent Meditation Walk, Grounding and Breathing Techniques, Guided Meditation, Journaling, & Affirmations