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Yoga With Mikenze is Starting the Next Chapter


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with Mikenze & Alexis

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 Meet Alexis 

Alexis started her yoga journey in 2008 and completed a 500-hour teacher training in 2011.  Over the past decade Alexis has taught in various studios, offered workshops, local and international retreats and continued her education in various yoga styles and healing modalities. Alexis brings her education, knowledge and experience to all of her offers. Collaborating with people and witnessing their mental, physical and emotional shifts and healing is her passion. Providing people with the tools and techniques to increase awareness and connection to the breath, mind, body and soul is her purpose.


 Meet Mikenze 

Mikenze found Yoga in 2018 and has never looked back. Practicing daily, Mikenze has been teaching Yoga since December 2019 and now has over 900 teaching hours. From regular Yoga to Goat Yoga, Mikenze utilizes her Manifesting Generator energy to organize and plan it all. Mikenze draws on her background in social work and music theatre performance to create fun and healing experiences. Mikenze truly understands the power of the practice of Yoga as it completely saved and changed her life by allowing her to process trauma and giving her a way to move stress through her body. Her passion is now to share this powerful practice with others to allow them to find their inner strength and calm.

 Our Intention 

Mikenze & Alexis are bringing their knowledge, experience and creative ideas together to offer workshops and retreats that will provide opportunities for people to Connect, Learn, Flow, Heal and Evolve.

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Bringing together a community of like-minded people with a desire to learn and grow. Gather in a safe space to connect with yourself and others. Discover the interconnectedness of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

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Explore various aspects of life while learning tools and techniques to release old patterns, limiting beliefs, realign with your innate gifts and support your personal growth. Learn various forms of communication while strengthening trust and self-awareness.

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Moving through physical, mental and emotional changes with understanding, grace and acceptance. Intentional movements and actions to complement the practical exercises, finding physical presence while integrating new information.

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An openness to acknowledge, release and receive. An opportunity to break old patterns, crush limiting beliefs and tap into the infinite healing and abundance. Discover a new way of living in alignment from a place of love by finding forgiveness for self and others.

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Peel back the layers of the onion to think, feel and act from a conscious and loving place. Shift perspective and meet each situation with kindness for yourself and others; choosing love always. Gain an increased self-awareness and deeper connection to self and others, while fully living your authentic life and trusting in unlimited possibilities.

 Our Offerings 

 Restoring Workshop Series 

 A 5 Part Workshop Series by Mikenze & Alexis 


Restoring Love

Shift from Judgment to Awareness and Love

Oct - Nov 2023


Restoring Balance

Commit to your Goals and Find Balance

Nov - Dec 2023


Restoring Vitality

Tap into Self-Healing, Abundance and Vitality

Dec - Jan 2024


Restoring Connection

Strengthen Communication, Trust, Awareness and Connection

Jan - Feb 2024


Restoring Divine Design

Live an Authentic Life in Alignment with your Divine Design

Feb - Mar 2024

 Part 1 

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 Workshop Overview 

An exploration of practical exercises, Yoga and Meditation with Mikenze & Alexis. Our Restoring Love workshop will guide you through a process of examining judgment and learning tools and techniques to shift to a loving perspective; to restore love. Love is the only true thing in this Universe. Through love, we find our inner strength and power which allows us to deepen the connection we have with ourselves and everything around us.


 What’s Included: 

  • Personal workbook that includes a detailed outline of the tools and techniques you will learn

  • An intentional Yin Yoga sequence that will complement each step of the workbook

  • Guided meditations to support the practical exercises for shifting perspectives and releasing judgment

  • An opportunity to process and heal a recent/current situation with the practical application of the tools and techniques included in this workshop

  • Guidance and support as you move through each step on your journey from judgment to love

 Dates & Locations 

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Sun, October 29 • 2p - 4p

Astounding Heights Dance Academy

64 Lorne Ave, Trenton

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Sun, November 12 • 3p - 5p

Peterborough Yoga Wellness Centre

107 Hunter St E, Peterborough

Join Us
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Sat, November 18 • 2p - 4p

Location TBD

Belleville or PEC

*This link will send you to an external website*

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Sat, November 25 • 3p - 5p

Modo Yoga Brooklin

31 Baldwin St #8, Whitby

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Thurs, November 30 • TBD

Online Via Zoom

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 Part 2 

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 Coming Soon 


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