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My Favourite Yoga With Mikenze Reviews Pt 5

Some of my favourite moments over the past few years has been reading the reviews that I receive from my students. Some have made me laugh, some have made me cry (from happiness), and some have made me feel completely accomplished with my life. These are some of my favourite reviews from my Yoga students over the past few years.

"I am really enjoying Pelvic Floor Yoga With Mikenze. Mikenze is a great instructor, providing thorough direction, offering modified poses, and encouragement to push me to hold and stretch just a little more. My flexibility and strength have improved considerably since I started 5 weeks ago. The half an hour at noon is the perfect way to break up my at-home work day. I definitely recommend Yoga with Mikenze."

- Becky M - PEC, ON

"Mikenze has been a great Yoga instructor. She is very patient and the Yoga moves are easy to follow and include modifications if needed. Her pelvic floor classes have really helped my recovery after recently having a baby. Highly recommend her!" - Sarah S - PEC, ON

"I started working with Mikenze a few months ago for back pain. I had no prior experience and was amazed at how professional and patient Mikenze was with me while I was learning the basics. I've noticed a significant decrease in pain and I've been losing weight as an added bonus! I cannot recommend her enough!" - Shaun S - Belleville, ON

"Once upon a time there was this 41-year-old mother of 5 who had all the grace of an elephant with 4 left feet! She reluctantly agreed to go to a small group Yoga class in the house of a complete stranger!!! To be honest I simply ran out of excuses not to go. When I got there the only spot left was right up front so it was with much trepidation that I decided to throw caution to the wind and put my humiliation potential firmly in Mikenze's hand! There must have been some magic tucked into that Yoga mat of hers because she managed to coax my poor out of shape body into all of the poses. She took her time to show us modifications when we needed them all the while cheering us on and making the rounds to give us a tweak here or an adjustment there. I could literally feel the tension and stress melt away one muscle at a time. By the end of the class, I couldn't move (in a good way) She proved to me that Yoga really is for everybody!" - Jen W - PEC, ON

"Aside from her infectious positivity, Mikenze is an excellent instructor! She is patient, knowledgeable and exactly who you'd want to teach you as a beginner (me). I was a beginner, and after a couple classes with Mikenze, I found a new sort of confidence and motivation, not just for exercise, but simply for living a healthier lifestyle. In addition to all of her wonderful qualities, she provides students with a service that is very, very flexible and affordable. She has it all! I would highly recommend." - Sarah L - Belleville, ON

"I am a regular Yogi and I got the honour to attend an hour with Mikenze on a Sunday afternoon. Incredible honestly, exactly what I needed. I could feel the passion. I absolutely love her motto of Yoga for anyone and any body because it should be that way with no discrimination. Whether you are a regular Yogi or an experienced one and looking to add regular Yoga to your week, don't hesitate to give Mikenze a shot. She's very friendly and confident. Keep it up!" - Reema A - Toronto, ON

I am truly honoured and humbled to have been able to affect my students in these ways. Thank you to all of my students! I am forever grateful to have you all in my life!

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