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Yoga With Mikenze FAQ's

Over the past few years I have received similar questions from students and leads regarding Yoga and Meditation, so I thought I would share those with you now.

Am I too fat to Yoga?

Okay, so I hate this question but I understand why people ask it. The answer is simple - NO! YOU ARE NEVER TOO FAT TO PRACTICE YOGA! Notice how I said "practice"? That's what Yoga is - a practice - meaning its something that will never be perfect. Meaning you DO NOT HAVE TO BE PERFECT to try Yoga. I started Yoga for weight loss, and every single pose was augmentable, meaning you can change any pose to suit your abilities. People often have a fear of having their belly be too big to fold. Well sometimes that may be the case, but there is no reason why you cant back up a bit and make it easier for yourself. Everyone should be meeting their OWN edge in Yoga, meaning that every body is different and has different needs and abilities - so make Yoga your OWN by choosing a variation of a pose that works for you! And yes, I can help with this.

Am I too old to Yoga?

Same as above, Yoga is a practice and we are all on our own journeys in our own unique bodies with our own unique needs and capabilities. I have students ranging from 12 to 72 years of age, and each individual practices their Yoga differently. Young people will have more energy to do faster, more advanced types of Yoga whereas older people may choose a relaxing, restorative type of Yoga mixed with some lighter Yoga to keep them going. There is always the option of chair Yoga as well. Your are NEVER too old to try or practice Yoga!

Will my injury be aggravated if I start Yoga?

Please let me stress: if you have injuries, please DO NOT start Yoga until you have spoken with your Doctor and have their approval for it. If you have their go-ahead, then I would suggest finding a teacher who will work with you one-on-one so they can cater their lesson to your specific needs. Make sure to disclose all of the details of the injury to your instructor so they can ensure they help to strengthen and stretch without causing further damage.

Am I too inexperienced to practice online Yoga?

The answer to this question depends on who is reading it. If you are the type of person who can easily move their body as instructed, then you will have no problems with an online class. If you are someone who struggles with coordination and taking verbal instructions for body placement, then you may need some more time to get used to it. Online Yoga is not for everyone, but I have discovered that even the people who struggle with body placement often are able to follow my verbal cues if they close their eyes, listen to my words, and trust their body to go where it needs to go.

I hope this answered some of your questions and clarified that you do not need to stress or worry about whether you can do Yoga. Yoga has many levels and layers and I can almost guarantee there is a place for everyone, somewhere in there.

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