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Yoga With Mikenze Reviews YouTube Yogi Tim Senesi

I was introduced to Yoga With Tim by a Reddit user who had suggested his channel on the Yoga subReddit. I decided to check out his videos as other YouTube Channels had become less of a challenge and I was looking for more. I was looking to try a new Yogi's style, hopefully learning some new transitions and other tricks of the trade. I was pleasantly surprised by Tim, finding his videos challenging in the best way.

Yoga With Tim 30 Day Challenge 2020

Tim Senesi teaches intermediate level yoga classes on YouTube. I first tried a few videos that were 45 minutes in length, and then started his 30 Day Challenge for 2020. These practices left me perspiring from every pore, breathing heavily, my heart racing, and an amazement at just how far I had come in my Yoga journey. He prompted poses I had never tried but was successful in, such as Ananasana and a Standing Extended Leg Twist Variation. He used warm-ups that I hadn't thought of using and taught me some new ones as well.

Extended Leg Twist Pose

I learned that I am teaching my transitions very thoroughly in my own classes. I also learned that I am good at explaining certain reasons for adjustments, such as pressing into the feet to activate the gluteus medius, which is the main hip stabilize. Tim taught me that imagining pulling your feet together can also activate the hamstrings fully, which I now cue in my classes as well.

I enjoyed Tim's sense of humour during his classes, as he makes jokes referencing conspiracy theories and other modern day issues. I also like that Tim used other people in his videos, showing different bodies and different alignments for each body. This also allows him to feature different skill levels and the adjustments necessary for them.


I would not recommend Yoga With Tim to beginners as he does not explain every single posture and transition the way one would do for those just starting out in their Yoga journey. But for those who have practiced Yoga for a while and have achieved a good fitness level and understanding of the basics of yoga, I would absolutely recommend his practice as it will provide a tough, but likely welcome, challenge.

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