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Yoga With Mikenze Student Success Stories Pt 3

I started teaching back in December of 2019 and officially made it my business on January 1, 2020. It has now been almost 2 years with some of my students and others joined this past year. These students have seen some major changes in their physical and mental states, regardless of when they started. They have all given me permission to tell you about their success.

She Gets to Yoga on Her Deck

My first regular student featured today has been attending my online classes for the past 4 months. After testing out a few of my classes, she settled on the one hour and half hour Yoga With Mikenze classes. She now takes 2 classes each week. This student originally joined my classes because "[she] wanted to get back into Yoga after a few years and was looking for (gently) challenging classes. [She] was hoping to improve [her] flexibility, stay fit and achieve a state of relaxation." This student "immediately liked [my] teaching style and ability to adapt poses to different needs and capabilities. Mikenze's classes are really satisfying: a good mix of stretching, muscle-toning and meditation." Now, after 4 months of steady classes, "[she] feels that [she is] more flexible and better able to focus during [her] practice. The intentions we set for each class follow [her] throughout [her] day and help [her] stay positive. Thanks Mikenze!" Having this student in my classes has been an absolute blessing and I was able to meet her once in person for a Farm Yoga class in Prince Edward County. She is an absolute doll and I look forward to seeing what the future brings for her.

She Loves Her Practice at Home

My next regular student has been taking classes with me for the past year and is special because she is actually from a different country. When she decided to join my classes, "[she] didn't really have any goals. [She] just knew that Yoga makes [her] feel good and [she] wanted to partake in joyful movement." After her first few Yoga With Mikenze classes she felt "great! [She] loved the intensity of the classes, feeling sweaty, and that calm peacefulness that comes over once the class wraps up." After just under a year of classes with me, "[she] can tell that [she's] stronger, especially in [her] arms. [She] can hold plank pose and downward dog a lot longer than [she] could in the beginning, which feels really exciting." And that is exciting! I am so honoured to have her in my class and look forward to many more years working together!

I am honoured and eternally grateful to have such amazing students. I am very excited to see what progress and change we see in the future, and to see how we all grow on our journeys.

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