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Goat Yoga 2022 - Even More Goats!

Meet June-Bug

When I came up with the idea to run Goat Yoga in Prince Edward County in 2020, I had no idea it would grow to be as big as it did. But for 2022, as you have already learned, the experience will be greatly improved. Our animals are incredibly loving and very curious of humans!

That's right! Our goats are so incredibly loving and sweet. They will come say hi and make their way onto you as well! You have already met the 7 goats in our herd: Tully, Chloe, Dottie, Gruff, Ace, Diamond, & Sherman. Now meet our two latest additions: Lexie & June-bug!

Meet Lexi

These two sweethearts are actually the same age as Tully, but are half the size! Who knows why, but these two little girls remain super tiny! Perfect, for the ultimate Goat Yoga experience!

These two beauties were held a LOT in the first few months of their lives, and it SHOWS! These girls will follow you around and love, love, love getting a good rub down. June-bug specifically will even give kisses! They are both so friendly and a total joy to love and schnuggle.

We will get to welcome new kids at the end of March as Chloe and Diamond are pregnant and getting bigger by the day! Suzie and Mikenze may have a bet going for number of kids born, but they can't remember what the wager was, so I guess they both win! What do you think? 2 or 3 kids in those bellies?

No matter the number, we are excited to bring new kids into the world and will be sure to share the news when it happens! Stay tuned...

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