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Goat Yoga 2022 - New Kids on the Farm

They're Here! Our goat Mamas have given birth to our first round of kids!

Diamond gave birth to triplets on March 21!

Meet Ninja, Cupcake, & Spring! These cuties brought a lot of firsts to the farm! First time assisting a goat during labour, first time experiencing a difficult birth, and Diamond is also a first time Mama!

Diamond struggled for a while with her first kid - Cupcake. Cupcake was born breach, and her bum was stuck in the birth canal, so Suzie had to help pull Cupcake out. After Cupcake was born, Diamond went right to work cleaning her up. As this was happening, Spring's front hooves started to show. Suzie was then able to gently help Spring out and get her to Mama to clean up. We thought that was it, but as Diamond was cleaning Spring, Ninja's hooves started to come out! We were all surprised, but he was breach so Suzie had to help him out as well.

All three of Diamond's kids are healthy and happy. They quickly started to get their legs by jumping around the nursery and then up onto hay bales and even their Mama's back. After a few days, we moved them to a bigger area where they have outdoor space, which they love.

These sweet kids absolutely love humans! If someone is sitting on their hay bale, that person WILL have three little goat kids climbing all over them. Ninja will always find your shoulders and nibble on your hair, and the other two will try to follow but will settle for snuggling on your lap. These kids are perfect for Goat Yoga and Small Animal Therapy!

Chloe gave birth to twins on March 24!

Meet Muffin & Aspen! Their Mama did amazing on her own, and when we came back out to check on her, there were two mostly-cleaned kids, snuggling their mama under the heat lamp.

Because Chloe is a bit of a shy and protective Mama, her kids are a little more apprehensive around humans, but they are learning to trust. The more human interaction they get through Goat Yoga and Small Animal Therapy, the more they will trust humans. We will continue to sit with them and give them that socialization they need.

We absolutely can't wait for May to get here so we can share their love with you all!

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