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How Yoga With Mikenze Handles Set-Backs

Owning a business is full of ups and downs, just like life. One day you are so busy you can barely stop to eat, and others you are twiddling your thumbs, wondering what to do next. Then there comes the bad review, or the decrease in revenue, or the ending of a client relationship. No matter what the set back may be, it will always be about how you handle it and bounce back.

The first set back I experienced as Yoga With Mikenze was the Covid Lockdown. At first I didn’t think I would be able to continue, but thanks to my students’ requests, I created and ran classes online. This blossomed into a longer reach for my business and brought more students than I would have had originally. I started teaching students in larger centers like Toronto and Kingston and they brought their friends to me as well. My business grew during the pandemic because I pivoted with the times and did what I had to do to succeed.

Then came the summer. The warmer weather brought less students online. However, at the same time I created Monthly Package options for my committed students. Because of this, I created a more secure income and another service option to offer that keeps up with the industry standards. This option benefits my students as well because they end up getting a few classes for free with the price they pay.

The next set back is more of a personal one but was also business related as I am my business. In August I let my diet slip majorly and gained some weight back. Not all of it, of course, but a good 10 pounds minimum. This left me with back pain again as well as feeing overwhelmed like I would never reach my weight loss goals. To overcome this set back, I stopped allowing myself to eat the treats and started making healthier meals again. I am still working on the weight loss aspect, but I will not let myself feel poorly about myself due to my weight. The truth is, I am happier than I have ever been, and it doesn’t matter my weight or size because my inner happiness is what is most important.

After I finally reigned in my poor diet choices, I started focusing on gaining new students and growing my businesses. This turned into furthering my education in marketing and learning new way to promote my businesses. I also ended a toxic relationship that had been breaking down for a while. However, from this door closing, other doors have opened, and throughout this transition I kept that saying in mind and remained positive that I would only continue to grow from here.

What it comes down to is mindset. If you are negative in your thinking, you will attract negative attention and situations to you. However, if you remain positive, only positivity will be attracted to you and you will find success in one way or another. Always stay positive and be open to what is coming your way, because you really cannot predict where, how, or when your next great success will find you!

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