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My Favourite Yoga With Mikenze Reviews Pt 1

Some of my favourite moments over the past few years has been reading the reviews that I receive from my students. Some have made me laugh, some have made me cry (from happiness), and some have made me feel completely accomplished with my life. These are some of my favourite reviews from my Yoga students over the past few years.

"Mikenze & I were old coworkers before she started her Yoga journey. Before she started, she always had a big heart & positive outlook. When I found out she was teaching Yoga, I knew I could trust her to help me start my journey without any judgement. I started private lessons once a week with no prior training, no flexibility & bad knee pain. I explained my issues & goals and she put a class together to help me get better. Never once did I feel judged or embarrassed for my lack of mobility. Mikenze took me from being a non-mover to a toe-touching, pain-free, more relaxed individual. She encouraged & supported me & also celebrated with me in class and in life. Her wonderful, glowing personality & kind, open heart is what is needed for Yoga. I recommend her to my friends & family all the time. I am ecstatic & proud to see Mikenze grow, encourage & love those around her. She is the true definition of a Yoga teacher along with love & a smile. I am so happy to be a part of this wonderful journey." - Courtney E - Trenton, ON

"I have really enjoyed participating in Yoga with Mikenze, both in person and online. Mikenze does an excellent job walking you through each pose. I never feel pressured to be perfect and I'm learning to trust my body. My flexibility and posture have greatly improved! I really look forward to growing in my yoga journey with Mikenze!!" - Tania C - PEC, ON

"I originally heard of Mikenze through my sister who had taken a class & loved it, and recommended that I try one. I was looking for something to move my body & calm my mind during the pandemic, and I was hooked immediately. Our first session was an introduction, and I felt great after. Mikenze has gradually increased the difficulty of poses and hold times since. My husband, sister & I take private lessons, and I frequently attend regular Yoga classes as well. I have chronic neck pain, but have not had any pain since beginning classes with Mikenze. Mikenze is real. She’s friendly, funny and personable. She takes the time to add modifications, if necessary, and always has a check in after class. I feel comfortable asking for extra work when I am feeling tight or not able to move into a pose. I highly recommend Yoga with Mikenze!"

- Amy W - Kingston, ON

"Mikenze’s online Yoga classes kept me focused during a time of extreme change. The classes combine a balanced mix of strengthening and stretching, with some serious challenges! Mikenze’s positive and friendly approach and love of Yoga make these classes truly enjoyable." - Sam H - Picton, ON

I am truly honoured and humbled to have been able to affect my students in these ways. The fact that I was able to help injuries heal is pretty incredible! Thank you to all of my students! I am forever grateful to have you all in my life!

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