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Partner Yoga Pt 1

One of my favourite days during my Yoga teach training in Bali, Indonesia was when we practiced Partner Yoga. It was such fun to practice Yoga with someone else in that way. We started off slow, by standing back to back, interlacing arms and slowly sitting and then standing back up. We quickly discovered it was a lot more difficult than we had assumed. From there, we practiced different Asanas together, learning we can be creative and have fun with Yoga in a new way. I will break down the Yoga Asanas we practiced together as well as some others I have found to be interesting.

Airplane: Just like when we were kids and our parents took us for an airplane ride on their feet, this pose provides a nostalgic feeling of fun and love. To do this as an adult is different though. When we get older, we start to fear being lifted up and our bodies feel strain much more harshly. However, if you take the chance and just allow it to happen, you will be taken right back to when you were on your mom or dad’s feet, flying through your imaginary world.

To get into this pose: Partners stand facing each other with an arm’s distance between each other. Partner A stays standing while Partner B sits down and then lays back. Partner B lifts their heels to Partner A’s hip bones. Partners clasp each other’s hands and Partner A leans forward while Partner B bends their knees and lifts Partner into the air. Lift off and fly away.

Chair Sit: This is another nostalgic feeling inducing pose taking us back to our childhood and playing with our parents and older siblings. Personally, I would rather be the bottom Partner in this fun pose.

To get into this pose: Partner A lays on their back. Partner B stands over Partner A’s stomach with their legs on either side of Partner A. Partner A lifts their legs and takes their feet to Partner B’s buttocks. Partner B slowly sits onto Partner A’s feet. Once stable, Partner A presses Partner B up until Partner A’s legs are straight. While Partner A presses Partner B up, Partner B places their feet into Partner A’s hands to stabilize each other.

Stacked Plank: When I saw this pose done, I initially was afraid of having someone’s full body weight on top of me and wondered how that would feel to others having me as the top plank. I quickly realized however that the weight distribution in this pose allows for a very easy stacked planked where the bottom plank barely feels the person on top. After I discovered this, I felt much more at ease to be the top or bottom plank, or maybe even the middle plank!

To get into this pose: Partner A gets into a proper plank position. Partner B places their hands on Partner A’s heels and then their feet to Partner A’s upper back to come to a proper plank in the opposite direction on top of Partner A.

To be continued...

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