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The Best Time to Start Yoga is Now

Many people have told me that they don't think they are ready to start Yoga. The reasons vary from being out of shape or "too fat" to being too old and "not being able to get up once they get down." But regardless of what your reason is, the best time to start your Yoga journey is RIGHT NOW!

The beauty of Yoga is that you can modify everything to suit your needs. So if you are not yet conditioned for exercise, you can take lower variations to build the muscle and stamina to get to the highest variation of a pose. For example, instead of trying to hit the top level of Boat Pose where you legs are straight, keep your feet on the mat for a while and then practice lifting the feet and keep the knees bent.

You can modify most Asanas to suit your needs. But there are some Asanas that may seem completely out of reach, and to that I say, forget they even exist! Just focus on what YOU can do and practice until you can move onto a more complex or difficult pose. For example, to some people a headstand or hand stand may be completely out of reach. So don't focus on those poses. Instead, focus on what you CAN do for now like downward dog, and build your shoulder strength until you can attempt a headstand against a wall. There is no shame in using a wall for a headstand or handstand until you can built the core strength (and confidence) to bring it off of the wall.

If your reason for not practicing Yoga is that you are too old, then you should try Chair Yoga! You can also practice Chair Yoga if you are recovering from certain injuries as well such as broken or sprained limbs. Chair Yoga is a great alternative because you can still build strength and flexibility while connecting to yourself on a deeper level. You can practice many Asanas with Chair Yoga and will get all the same benefits as a "regular Yoga practice."

For those of you who feel intimidated or uncomfortable going to a regular Yoga studio for your practice, then rest assured, you are not alone, and that is where teachers like myself come in. I invite anyone and everyone to join my classes and I will work with you until you are comfortable. I do this because, as my slogan says, I truly believe that Yoga is for "Any Size, Any Level, Any BODY!"

So no matter your reason to not start Yoga, the best time to try is RIGHT NOW! So grab a mat and find what works for you! Namaste!

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