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Yoga With Mikenze: Instagram v Real Life

At the end of 2020, Instagram developed a trend where users were posting their Instagram photos and comparing them to the real image, minus the editing. This prompted me to create a short series of photos where I compared my Instagram Yoga Poses to the moments captured in between. Enjoy. =)

OMG I am Dying!

These are from two different shoots, but believe this is what I look like when I am toast!

I'm Dead, How Am I Still Alive?!

Two different shoots, but equally pooped!

It Hurts, Please Make It Stop!

But it really does hurt so good. Two shoots, same pain!

Okay, Now It's Official - My Quads Are Pooched!

It keeps crampinngggg!!! The laughter hides the tears!

Woah Nelly, Hang On To 'Er!

Finding the balance is the fun part!

This is What Ab Death Feels Like

Hugging the abs, may have to hug a toilet bowl...

Woops, There It Went...

Me after my foot slid away from me...

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