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Yoga With Mikenze Merchandise

Over the past year I have been extremely excited to see my merchandise come to life. I started with some headbands. I put my logo and slogan on them and they look great! I have 4 in stock, available in my shop.

I then had an idea for a t-shirt for Goat Yoga. This t-shirt features my favourite photo of my favourite goat Rosemary. The photo is perfect, making her head look much bigger than her body. This gives it a cartoonish vibe and just makes her even more adorable. They also feature goat hoof prints on the lower back of the shirt. I now have 17 of these shirts in stock, available in my shop.

I then decided to make a larger order of a modified Goat Yoga With Mikenze t-shirt. These shirts still feature the hoof prints, but they are arranged in a slightly more realistic fashion. These shirts do now have the photo, however, I changed the design of the words to feature goat hoof prints as the O's in Goat Yoga. I have many of these shirts in stock and I cannot wait to see my students wearing them around town! These shirts will soon be available in my shop, but for now you can purchase one on my Goat Yoga section of my website for pick up only.

I have more ideas for shirts, which I will keep to myself for now, and I would also love to create some good quality mats with my logo or something of the sort in the future. Stay tuned for what is to come.

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