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7 Yoga Poses to Align your Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

Our Crown Chakra is responsible for consciousness, unity, spirituality and oneness. To learn more about this chakra, check out my previous post that goes into further detail. This article will give you 7 Yoga poses to help you align your Crown Chakra.

1. Headstand

Start kneeling. Bring top of head and elbows to mat. Cradle the back of the head with your palms, but do not interlace fingers. Make sure elbows are should width apart. Slowly walk feet closer to your body. Slowly find your balance with your shoulders active and lift your legs up to straight. This can also be done against a wall.

2. Tree Pose

Start in Mountain pose. Bring the sole of one foot to the inside of the standing leg, either above or below the knee, never directly on the knee. You can also place your heel on your ankle and toes on the mat. Press your knee open, squeeze your glutes, and engage your abs. Lengthen your spine. Hands to prayer in front of chest or above your head, or you can extend your arms out or up to your own degree.

3. Forearm Stand

Start kneeling. Bring elbows to mat, shoulder width apart. You can use a strap to ensure that you arms stay in place. Plant your palms so your arms are parallel. Keep your gaze between your finger tips to help with balance. Walk your feet closer to your body and use your abs to lift your legs up to straight. Slowly allow your knees to bend, toes pointed. This can also be done against a wall.

4. Standing Backbend

Start in Mountain pose. Inhale to bring arms overhead, palms face each other, and gently bend backward to your own degree, looking up and over.

5. Lotus Pose

Start sitting cross legged. You can stay here, or bring one foot into the opposite hip crease, or bring both feet into the opposite hip creases. DO NOT push past your edge as this can damage your knees.

6. Rabbit Pose

Start kneeling with feet and knees together. Stay seated over your feet and bring your forehead to the mat. With your arms extended back, roll onto the top of your head to your own degree.

7. Corpse Pose

Start laying on your back. Get yourself comfortable. Extend your legs down and arms down or out the the side. Relax all muscles and close your eyes.

Check out my Instagram to see three poses to help you align your Crown Chakra in video format. Namaste.

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