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Alphabet Yoga Challenge

When I first heard of this challenge I was completely intrigued. I liked having to brain storm an Asana for each letter, and I even had to reach out to friends and good ole Google for help when I reached the end of my brain power. I ended up having to use both English and Sanskrit, but I had fun taking photos in these poses. I did it all in one go, and had to set a timer of 10 seconds. This gave me 10 second to get into every single pose, which is nice for poses like Half Moon and Dancer, but not so easy for Mermaid Pose.

Here are my results, with almost a full wardrobe malfunction... my bad...


Boat Pose

Chaturunga Dandasana

Downward Dog

Extended Side Angle

Frog Pose

Gate Pose

Half Moon

Intense Side Stretch

King Cobra

Lion Pose

Mermaid Pose


One - Legged Pigeon

Plank Pose

Revolved Triangle

Side Plank


Upward Dog


Warrior 2

Now this is my challenge for you:

Find poses for the letters J, Q, X, Y, and Z.

Try your own version of Alphabet Yoga and share your results with me on Facebook, Instagram, or by email at

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