Shifting From the "Weight Loss" Mentality During My Yoga Journey

My entire adult life I have wanted to lose weight. But what does it actually mean to lose weight? What specific weight do I want to lose? And what weighs more, muscle or fat? The truth is, we all lump our change of lifestyle to become leaner and more toned into one term: weight loss. It is easy to get stuck in this mindset, but I want to break that. I want to change the way we see changing our bodies and becoming healthier through healthier eating habits and an active lifestyle, instead of wanting to just lose weight.

First, we really need to consider what weighs more, muscle or fat. The answer is always going to be muscle. Muscle fibres are much denser than fat cells, thus causing muscle in general to be heavier. Many people get concerned when they see their weight going up instead of down, yet ignore the fact that their clothes are fitting better. This is because as your body is toning and becoming leaner with muscle fibre as opposed to fat, you are replacing the unwanted lightweight fat cells with heavier and stronger muscle cells. Don’t be fooled, just because the number on the scale is higher than it was the last time, you are still becoming healthier. The evidence is always