Using Yoga to Connect to the Universe

Way back in 2008 when I was in the Social Service Worker program at Loyalist College in Belleville, ON, I was introduced to the video The Secret. The Secret is all about envisioning your future. Put your desires into the Universe, visualize them, believe it will happen, and it will. It told of how the Universe has our backs: all we have to do is tell it what we want and need.

Back then I believed this to be true, but I was not at a point in my life that I could believe anything good would come to me. I was making poor decisions and was extremely negative and angry. I had been abused as a child and teenager and was struggling with extreme depression, anxiety, and addiction to marijuana. It took almost my entire twenties before I would find myself and some happiness.

A Few Weeks Into My Yoga Journey

When I found Yoga, I found a way to calm my mind, centre myself, and create some inner peace. Everything began to change. I started handling situations more positively. I started making smarter, more positive decisions for myself. I had some hard times and heart break during that time, but I stuck to my Yoga practice and continued moving forward, despite my heartache. Despite having situations blow up in my face, I continued to do what was best for me and move confidently into my future.