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Branching Out of Yoga: Testing New Business Builders with NeoLife

I was introduced to NeoLife's products by my very first Yoga student, Amanda. She insisted that I try the products and consider joining the business. She stressed that I would excel in the business due to my commitment to being successful and the work I do everyday to grow my business. Amanda truly believes in NeoLife's products as they are backed by amazing science and have given incredible, life-changing results to so many people around the globe.

I finally decided to give a few of their products a try for myself 2 months later. I tried one of their protein shakes and was shocked by how tasty it was. I have never been a fan of protien shakes and cannot stand the taste. But these shakes are different. And I felt energized after drinking it. I also tried their Aloe Juice and found that it made my stomach feel great and helped me to sleep that night.

A few months later, Amanda finally convinced me to attend an online conference call for NeoLife. She even paid for it and guaranteed that I would learn something new from it. I was absolutely amazed at the stories of NeoLife products and the information I learned during this 6 hour conference call. I gained a few new tools for my own business and realized that I wanted to incorporate NeoLife products into my own life and my social media accounts. I was finally interested in becoming a part of the NeoLife team.

A few days later, I drove out to Amanda's house to pick up my Aloe Juice that I had ordered a few months prior, and to get some more information about NeoLife products. She also gave me some Pro Vitality samples to try for 7 days. I decided to do the 7 day trial and to blog my progress.

For the few days before I took my first Pro Vitality pack, I was having a very difficult time falling asleep. Once I fell asleep however, I stayed asleep. But then I had to get up early to teach Yoga classes online and to get things done for my business. So I was finding some brain fog and lack of energy throughout the day. Then I took my first pack of Pro Vitality.

Amanda had mentioned that some people experience a sight nauseated feeling if they have really bad digestive issues but these would pass after twenty minutes of so. So when I took my first pack, I wasn't sure what to expect. But I didn't feel anything until later that night. I didn't feel nauseated, but after eating my dinner my stomach was gurgling and talking to me for a good half hour. It was such a strange feeling as I had just eaten a large meal of baked vegetables and chicken. But it didn't last long and I chalked it up to the pills making my digestive system work more efficiently.

I still struggled to sleep that night, but when I woke up, my brain wasn't foggy at all. I was thinking clearly and able to conduct business as usual. I really struggled with this four days prior. I took my second pack of Pro Vitality after a big breakfast of eggs and seeds. My stomach and body felt great and I felt energized an hour after ingesting the pills. However, a few hours later, I felt very nauseated. This lasted for quite a while. And I was still struggling with sleep at night. This may be due to the amount of coffee I drink throughout the day?

The next morning I awoke and felt great. I was still tired but energized after teaching my 11am Yoga class. I took my third round of Pro Vitality after eating a large bowl of Greek yogurt, granola, and raspberries. My stomach felt fine after the third round and I had plenty of energy to teach my 7pm class as well as take a dance class afterwards. I did notice some gurgling in my stomach later that night but it wasn't as much as the previous night.

I took my fourth round of Pro Vitality after a large breakfast of eggs and seeds the next morning. I noticed an increase of energy throughout the day and I also noticed my bowel movements becoming more frequent and easier to pass. The fifth round of Pro Vitality the next day was taken after a large bowl of Greek yogurt, granola, and bananas. I did not feel any discomfort but had enough energy to easily teach two Yoga classes and carry on with my work throughout the day.

The sixth and seventh round of Pro Vitality went very well. I didn't have any more stomach issues and my bowel movements were like clockwork. I did not notice an improvement on sleep at all, which was slightly disappointing, but this is something I have always struggled with.

I can say, after these 7 days, I would recommend Pro Vitality to anyone who has regular issues with their gastrointestinal system and needs the added support of nutrients and vitamins.

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