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Finding the Right Yoga Studio or Teacher for You

When you first start your Yoga journey, you usually just try your local Yoga studio, or you find the video that pops up when you search 'Yoga' on YouTube. This was true for me as well. I started out with 'Yoga With Adriene' on YouTube, and I stuck with her 30 day challenges daily for 14 straight months. But once I trained as an instructor, I knew I needed to find something new. The teachers I learned from in Bali challenged me to new levels, and when I returned home, I started looking for new YouTube Yogis as well. This search brought me to find 'Yoga With Tim' and a few others.

When in search of the perfect Yoga teacher or studio for you, it's important to consider a few factors such as what level you are currently at and what you most enjoy about Yoga. For me, it was the physical movement of Yoga that I enjoyed most, and I was a total Yoga beginner though I was not new to movement. But other people may enjoy the spiritual aspect, or the breathing techniques. For this reason, I highly recommend trying different classes and teachers. Everyone has their own unique style, so not everyone will match you as a student.

Once you find the teacher or teachers who match your style the most, you will be more likely to stick with your Yoga journey and see some serious progress. And then once you have been practicing for a while, you may need to switch it up like I did. Finding new YouTube Yogis gave me an extra challenge and also taught me new sequences and transitions.

Never stop searching for teachers who match your style and push you further than your comfort zone.

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