My Yoga Teacher Training in Bali Pt 6

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

My Ubud street vendor market experience was marked by one more noteworthy event. That day I finally got the chance to wear my ripped jean shorts. The left leg of the front of my short was hanging on by a few measly threads and I knew it would only take one wrong move for them to rip fully. Well, as I bent over to pick up something I had dropped, they popped wide open. After an entire summer back home of my shorts slowly but inevitably ripping down the middle, I had finally popped the leg fully apart. As I made my way out of the market with my shorts flapping in the wind, tourists and locals alike fixed their eyes on me. They would look at my shorts, look me in the eye, see that I had caught them staring, and look away really quickly. This continued into the streets of Bali and all the way up the path to my guest house. Damn it, I really liked those shorts!

Lola, Marianne, and I