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My Favourite Yoga With Mikenze Reviews Pt 6

Some of my favourite moments over the past few years has been reading the reviews that I receive from my students. Some have made me laugh, some have made me cry (from happiness), and some have made me feel completely accomplished with my life. These are some of my favourite reviews from my Yoga students over the past few years.

"Had my first Yoga session with Mikenze today and it was amazing!!! She is friendly and outgoing and really easy to get along with. The class is good for beginners or for someone like me who hasn't done yoga in years! But don't let that fool you! It felt like all the muscles in my body that's been hibernating for a long time got activated again! My whole body felt very relaxed and stretched at the end. Would definitely recommend Mikenze and looking forward to our next session!" - Laiza C - Toronto, ON

"I've been following Mikenze's Yoga journey since she began and turning that passion into a business. She is really good with working one-on-one during the Yoga sessions to make sure you are doing the poses and everything correctly, even through a zoom video chat session. Definitely Recommend!" - Crystal G - Lilooet, BC

"I had the pleasure of taking Mikenze's Pelvic Floor Yoga and it was great. She's easy to follow, gives good cues and pushes you enough to feel you've had a good workout. Would definitely recommend!" - Valeria A - Toronto, ON

"Amazing flow, loved how she gives clear instructions on the cues and modification your body needs for every pose. The flow made me feel light, though I'm sweating after I finished the practice. And I love her happy voice! Will definitely do this again!" - Kelly M - Doha, UAE

"I attended a stretch yoga class with Mikenze and it was wonderful. Challenging enough to push me to explore how my body moves after having a baby. I am 10 months postpartum and this class was just what I needed to get all the kinks out. Mikenze was pleasant and encouraging the whole class and explained everything very well. Highly recommend."

- Amber L - Belleville, ON

"I recently had the pleasure of joining a Yoga with Mikenze class. From the onset of the class, I felt comfortable and assured that Mikenze would lead a great session. Without fail, Mikenze talked me through each step and provided ongoing feedback regarding my form. I really appreciated her care and attention to my level of experience and comfort. I look forward to upcoming classes with the intention of ultimately achieving my Yoga position and mindfulness goals. I wouldn't hesitate and highly recommend taking a Yoga with Mikenze class. Namaste." - Tracee W - Toronto, ON

"Mikenze is a wonderful instructor! She is motivational, fun, and makes you want to keep moving. Mikenze also provides you with inexpensive Yoga classes. I would highly recommend her classes."

- Mikayla M - Belleville, ON

"Mikenze is an awesome Yoga instructor who really takes the time to get to know their students and their bodies in order to create the most meaningful and powerful experience possible. I love doing her classes because they are a perfect mix of strength, balance and flexibility, and she makes it accessible to all bodies. Do yourself a favour and take a class with her!"

- Zhana D - Toronto, ON

I am truly honoured and humbled to have been able to affect my students in these ways. Thank you to all of my students! I am forever grateful to have you all in my life!

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