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My Online Meditation Teacher Training with Yoga Union Pt 1

Seated Meditation

I wasn't sure what to expect in my Meditation Teacher Training, but I knew I wanted to be trained properly to teach my Gratitude Meditation Classes. Even thought I wasn't sure what to expect, I definitely wasn't anticipating the amazing transformation I would undergo!

Initially I was under the impression that I would have to be up all night to attend all the classes live as the course was in Central European Time (6 hours ahead of my time zone, Eastern Standard Time). However, the day before the opening ceremony I was contacted by the main instructor of the program, Kati. She advised me that there was another girl living in Eastern Standard Time and that she would meet with us at 4pm for our Meditaiton Workshop instead of 3am as originally scheduled. At first I was hesitant, but then Kati called me and informed me that the only classes I needed to be at were the Theory Classes scheduled in the morning and the Meditation Workshop classes that she would meet with us at 4pm for - the rest I could watch on my own time as they would be recorded. I was relieved to know that I wouldn't have to stay up all night!

Even before I knew of the schedule change I had already rescheduled all of my classes for the week and was only teaching Yoga at 2pm instead of my regular June schedule of Yoga, Stretch, and Meditation classes. I was thankful that I had done this because the week of training would prove to be exhausting! Now I know you are thinking that Meditation could not possibly be energy draining, but this where the unexpected journey comes in. I was not aware that our Teacher Kati was an Energy Worker and Healer. With this, I wasn't expecting to need as much energy as I did to keep up with her energy, and I really wasn't aware of the energy blockages that existed in my body. But this would all come to me as the week progressed.

Me, Ourania, Spyros

The opening ceremony was like a YogaUnion Family Reunion. Ourania, the owner of YogaUnion, greeted me immediately. I was a little surprised that she remembered me, but I was very happy to see her and let her know how much the Yoga Teacher Training in Bali had changed my life. As more people joined the Google Meet video conference, I looked over all the fresh faces I saw. It was morning in most of their timezones, but it was 1am on Monday morning for me. I was getting sleepy, but I was happy to be there.

The teachers of YogaUnion began the Opening Ceremony by introducing themselves and welcoming everyone. Ourania then asked everyone to introduce themselves and tell the group why they had decided to take the training with YogaUnion. There were two classes in one meeting: Meditation Teacher Training and Yin Yoga Teacher Training. I was one of the first ones to introduce myself and I was slightly nervous, but I was excited to tell a brief synopsis of my Yoga and Meditation journey. I felt very happy in that moment reminiscing on my journey and just how far I had come.

There were students in the class from all over the world: Austria, Germany, Egypt, USA, India, Switzerland, Greece, and New Caledonia. I was fascinated with all the culture in one group. One by one we all spoke about what brought us to Meditation and Yoga and then we closed the ceremony off with a group Mantra chant. I knew that this was going to be rough with the sound from trying to sing in a Zoom meeting with the cast of the musical I am cast in. I could mostly hear the music and lyrics, and I couldn't help but to make it my own, as any singer likely would.

Once the meeting ended, I went to bed, but I wasn't able to sleep for an hour or so as I needed to spend some time consoling a friend over the phone whom had just lost his mother. I was glad I could be there for him and eventually found the right moment to end the conversation so I could attempt to sleep. I had been struggling with my sleep for a few nights at that point, and it struck me as I was not sleeping that I had scheduled my landlord to come in the morning for some minor apartment repairs. I knew I wasn't going to get much sleep and was thankful that I hadn't scheduled a class to teach for the next day.

To be continued...

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