My Online Meditation Teacher Training with Yoga Union Pt 3

Shortly after I had finished the Guided Gratitude Meditation, I called it a night and went to bed. When I woke up the next day, I felt very off. I was frustrated and felt angry with things. I was struggling to figure out why I felt this way. I knew I was frustrated with myself for gaining a few pounds recently and not eating properly, as well as frustrated with other things in my life. I thought maybe it was the lack of sleep on top of these things.

That afternoon I taught my Yoga class and then shortly after logged into my Meditation Workshop class. In these classes, we were to talk about the meditations we had done and how we felt about it. We could include anything we had felt and note any changes we had made. During this Meditation Workshop, I read my journal entry and talked about how I was feeling that day. Kati quickly jumped in to tell me that she had been feeling soreness between her shoulder blades all day and then reminded me of something very important: a few pounds will not send me back two years, nor is that likely to happen as my lifestyle had completely changed, and with teaching Yoga, it is highly unlikely that I would ever gain that much weight back.

After she said this, I broke. I had a total energy release right there. I realized that I had an underlying fear of going back to where I was almost two years ago, and I was terrified of that! Kati explained that I needed to detach from that old person as two pounds will not set me back two years. I needed to remind myself that I was happy and proud of who I was no matter what size I was. Kati also pointed out that I feel a need to show strength on a deeper level than physical and emotional. She was likely correct with that as I had come so far, I didn't want to show any weakness or signs of sliding backward. When it came to the music playing in my mind, Kati had the intuition to know that this was what I used to distract myself from thoughts. She told me that I should use the music as my anchor into meditation.

After this class, my fellow North American student contacted me to tell me she was there for me