My Online Meditation Teacher Training with Yoga Union Pt 4

Shortly after the Mindful Breathing Meditation, I taught my Yoga class and then logged into our Meditation Workshop Class. This time I talked about how much I struggled with the Pranayama and how defeated I was feeling with it. Kati quickly assured me that Pranayama is not for everyone and not everyone can do it for long periods of time. Kati mentioned some physical obstacles to Pranayama, such as allergies, that would not allow someone to practice for a long period of time. I noted that I did enjoy learning about the mudras and that I didn't mind a short Pranayama practice perhaps at the beginning of a class. I felt much more comfortable with my experience during the Pranayama class after speaking with Kati about it.

After the Meditation Workshop Class, I went on to the Body Scan Meditation. My journal entry afterward read as this: