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My Online Meditation Teacher Training with Yoga Union Pt 5

I woke up early the next morning for our final Meditation Workshop class as a full group. It was bittersweet. I enjoyed telling everyone about my meditation experience the night before, but I was sad to say goodbye to everyone. I wasn't ready to leave this incredible experience. It was like therapy all week long and I loved it! No one in the class wanted to leave. In fact, I think I was the first to exit the call because I had to use the washroom, otherwise I would have stayed longer as well. I felt connected to the ladies of the training on a very deep, energetic level. We all felt it. I was looking forward to what was to come and to keeping up with each other on Instagram and Facebook.

I spent the rest of the day catching up on the classes I hadn’t completed yet, including the business class with YogaUnion owners Ourania and Spyros. I was sad that I was unable to attend the class live, but it was very nice to see their faces and hear their voices again! I also finished watching the Pranayama videos and did the Vinyasa Yoga practice. Then I taught my own Yoga class and started to think about what I wanted my new Guided Gratitude Meditation class to look like. I settled on combining a Vipassana, short Yoga Nidra, and a Guided Gratitude Meditation to make my full class.

Connected To Myself

During the following week, I had to wait for the perfect time to record my own Vipassana for Kati as my final exam for the Meditation Teacher Training. I decided to do this after I attended Kati's Meditation class that Wednesday. I finished the meditation class feeling very connected to my own energy and knew it was the right time. Turned out I was right because I passed my final exam and Kati noticed how connected I was with my own energy.

Thursday was the final closing ceremony and I got to tell Ourania, Spyros, and Kati just how much my experiences with YogaUnion have changed my life. After a few sentences, myself and everyone in the meeting was in tears. I realized in that moment just how much my 200h Yoga Teacher Training had changed my life and how far I had come from then, and how much this meditation teacher training had changed me. Ourania then told me about how her and Spyros often talk about me because of how hard I worked in Bali and how far I have come since then! I was shocked to hear this, but it made me feel incredibly blessed and loved.

It amazes me that after everything I have been through in my life, I was able to connect with people around the world on a much deeper, more spiritual level than I have ever done with anyone else in my life. I will never forget the people I have met on this journey and one day I will see them again! I cannot recommend YogaUnion enough to anyone and everyone who wants to further their Yoga and Meditation journey and be able to teach it to others. My YogaUnion family will always be in my heart, and I love you all!

My Meditation Yoga Union Family - I Miss & Love You All!

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