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Partner Yoga Pt 2

Downward Dog Pyramid: This pose also seemed like it would be difficult to be the top Downward Dog due to my weight, but I knew I would make a solid base (And we all know … It’s all about that bass). This pose could technically grow upward to three or four tiers if you have enough space and ceiling height.

To get into this pose: Partner A gets into a downward dog pose. Partner B gets into a downward dog pose with their finger tips touching Partner A’s finger tips. Partner C then stands between Partners A and B and places their hands on Partner A’s hips. Partner C then lifts one knee gently to Partner B’s back, and then slowly lifts their other leg to join the first leg. Partner C then tucks their toes on Partner B’s hips and lifts up to their own downward dog pose.

Backflip: This pose can be intimidating for those of us who don’t often perform stunts like backflips, but that doesn’t mean we can’t participate. This just means we will once again make an excellent base (insert Meaghan Trainer).

To get into this pose: Partner A and B stand back to back. Both Partners raise their arms and clasp hands or link arms at the elbows. Partner A slowly leans forward and lift Partner B onto their back. Partner B slowly bring their legs up and over and they continue until their feet gently lands on the floor in front of Partner A.

Shoulder Lift: This was by far the most intimidating for me. I knew I would have the strength (or balance) to be the top partner, but I wanted to try to support someone as the bottom partner. I found this pose to be a little hard on the shoulders but I was super impressed and proud of myself when my partner reached full vertical.

To get into this pose: Partner A lays on their back with the soles of their feet planted into the mat hip width apart and knees parallel to each other. Partner B stands over Partner A’s stomach. Partner B leans over and reaches back through their own legs to place their hands-on Partner A’s quadriceps. Partner B then leans forward to place their shoulders in Partner A’s hands. Partner B slowly places weight into Partner A’s hands and lifts their legs up until they are fully vertical.

There are also some very interesting ways to do our regular Asanas in new, exciting ways. Some of my favourites include practicing warrior 2 back to back and seeing how long you can flow in sync, that close to each other. I also enjoy practicing wide legged forward fold with a partner by placing our right foot to the other’s left ankle. From there we help each other get further into our forward fold as well as reach our absolute edge for our middle splits. Another fun idea is to go into Wild Thing pose opposite each other. That would make for a really cool image.

What is your favourite Partner Yoga pose?

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