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Transitioning from Yoga Student to Yoga Teacher

I was a Yoga student for 14 months before training as a teacher. When I was training, I wasn't sure I would be able to be a good teacher, but as I learned more in my training, I slowly started trusting myself and my teaching ability.

When I got home, I continued with my own personal practice and started teaching almost immediately. I enjoyed teaching and it came with ease. I enjoyed showing proper alignment and making adjustments for it as well. I enjoyed running my own business on top of my full time job. But then I was let go. This switched my focus to full time teaching, which was starting to take off, but then the pandemic hit.

Once the pandemic struck, I quickly changed to teaching online. For the first few months, my own personal practice continued, but then my schedule filled up with almost daily classes and Goat Yoga classes and my own personal practice stopped all together. I miss it, badly! My personal practice kept me grounded and helped me to connect with myself and heal. However, teaching almost daily leaves me exhausted and sore, making it difficult to push myself to continue on my own.

It has been over a year now of classes at least 4 days per week, and I still have not been able to start my own practice again. So if you are reading this and training to be a teacher as well, please learn from me and don't lose your personal practice. It really does make a difference! Even if it is only 15 minutes per day that you lightly stretch to connect with yourself and your practice again.

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