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Yoga At Home: Making Your Space Work

My favourite place to practice Yoga is in the comfort of my own home. Some people think otherwise – that you need a large amount of space to be able to complete each Asana and transition, or that classes in studios are better. I believe, however, that all you need is enough space for your mat and some creativity of movement. You can take step forward or back on your mat to make things work for you. You can also turn to the side or otherwise adjust your spacing and positioning to be able to perform each Asana. Alone, you can be with your own thoughts, and not compare yourself to others.

Yoga in My Bedroom

I began practicing yoga in a living room full of furniture where I had to move the coffee table out of the way during practice. This allowed me a relatively large amount of space. When I moved, however, I really had to get creative as I only had enough space for my mat with about a foot to spare around each side. I got used to doing Vinyasa flows from the centre of my mat. I still had to move my coffee table out of the way daily, but I made it work. I continued with Vinyasa from the middle of my mat and would adjust as necessary throughout my practice.

When I finally started teaching Yoga and had enough space to practice my Vinyasa flow from the top of my mat, it seemed strange to me, and it took time to adjust. But I quickly got used to this and have learned to appreciate having enough space to flow freely on my mat. Although I do appreciate this, I know I can always go back to practicing Yoga in a small space and working with the space I have.

If you are creating your own Home Yoga space and have the room, it is a nice touch to add some plants and some Yoga related decor. I cannot have real plants as my cat will destroy them, but I did purchase a few tapestries and tacked them to the wall behind my mat. This gave me a nice backdrop for my videos, photos, and live classes.

Another suggestion would be to light some incense or candles to create a nice smelling aura and contribute to the zen-like environment. Smell allows the human brain to connect with memories. Therefore, when using candles, burners, or diffusers, I recommend you choose a scent that reminds you of a happy time, or that puts you in a good mood. Maybe you’ll want to choose a scent that you use solely in your yoga practice.

Mood Lighting Via String Lights

When it comes to lighting, you can be creative. You can use a few lamps or purchase some string lights to hang around the room. I personally enjoy a low-lit area to allow me to go deeper into myself, but your preferences might be different. Your lighting and room arrangements will be dependent on your own personal preferences. Do what makes you happy in your own space, and this will contribute to a more peaceful and enjoyable flow.

No matter what you want to surround yourself with while you practice Yoga, make it your own and have fun with it. For now, that might mean to just work with what you have and make it work. My advice? Just make it happen. Even if that means your Yoga space is your deck, porch, or drive-way, you can always find the space to practice Yoga at home.

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