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Yoga Photoshoots in Prince Edward & Hastings Counties Pt 1

Since returning from Bali I have done 10 photoshoots with my Aunt. These photoshoots started inside in her house, and then moved outdoors throughout Prince Edward County and Quinte area. My Aunt has also shot numerous Goat Yoga classes. Each photoshoot has been unique and offered a different and interesting landscape.

The first photoshoot we did was in my Aunt’s home. I had just returned from Bali a few weeks prior to the shoot and was still sporting my Bali tan (results from one bad sunburn). I went through many poses and got some of my favourite shots to date.

The next shoot we decided to take outside to the Sandbanks Provincial Park in Prince Edward County, ON (my home town). The Sandbanks are beautiful sandy beaches similar to what you would find in Spain or Australia. It was the middle of winter however, so this shoot was done while I wearing a heavy winter coat, insulated pants, and winter-ish boots. This was the first time I got creative with my poses and did a side plank on two posts.

I wanted to try a different landscape next, so a few months later we went to Wellington Beach in Wellington, ON. Wellington Beach is a rocky landscape with a nice old light house on the furthest point. It also features a nice board walk spanning the length of the entire beach. We shot some photos on the rocks as well as the boardwalk and picnic table gazebo.

For the next shoot, I wanted to see what Little Bluff had to offer. I had never been here even though it was in my home town of Prince Edward County, ON. To get to the beach we had to walk along a trail and then down a steep dirty hill with board placed to make it easier to descend. Once on the beach however, we were greeted with a beautiful rock beach surrounded by large cliffs and trees. We took many shots on the beach that day.

It was nearing spring when we went to Once Upon A Farm in Prince Edward County, ON to do a photoshoot with the goats and pigs. This was to be a promotional photoshoot to use for advertising my Goat Yoga classes starting in July. I stood on a hay bale and had cashmere goats check me out as I went through some Asanas. We also got some good shots in front of the hay bale.

To be continued……

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