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Yoga Photoshoots in Prince Edward & Hastings Counties Pt 2

For our next shoot I really wanted to go back to the Sandbanks Provincial Park and get some better shots without all of my winter gear on. This turned out to be a fantastic shoot. We got right out onto the beach and got some incredible shots, one of which I still use for promotional materials today. I got my deepest yet in my Dancer Pose and even did the handstand challenge against a tree.

It was an overcast day for our next shoot. We went back to Wellington Beach but it was a miserable day with blustering, freezing wind and an insane number of bugs. I even got one of them in my eyeball and had to pause the shoot until I got it out. However, we got some really incredible shots on this shoot including my favourite shots of Revolved Triangle, Chaturanga Dandasana, and Bow


Later in the Spring we decided to try a shoot at Zwicks Park in Belleville, ON. This shoot went very well, featuring the Bay Bridge in the background. I also found a large stump to do my Tree Pose on. This shoot resulted in my favourite shot of Mermaid Pose to date.

Shortly after the Zwicks shoot we went back to Once Upon A Farm to shoot another round of promotional photos for Goat Yoga. The goats however had other plans, so we just did a regular photoshoot. I ended up with a great Crow Pose shot as well as some other really great shots of Revolved & Regular Triangle Pose and my very first attempt at Compass Pose.

The last shoot we went on was at Vanderwater Park in Thomasburg, ON (North of Belleville). We weren’t able to find waterfront but we did get some great shots on the main walkway as well as a picnic area where we got some great shots of Ananasana and a seated wide legged side stretch.

Before the snow starts to fly, I want to get back to the Sandbanks as well as Once Upon A Farm to get some more great photos of myself in Asana. I know this time the Goats will be much more interested as they now know I come every week and always make a point to come say hello.

Stay Tuned for more amazing photoshoots in Prince Edward County & Hastings Counties.

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