Yoga Saved My Life

I had been wanting to try Yoga for a few months before my friend finally convinced me to just do it. She let me use a spare mat and started up a YouTube video of Yoga with Adriene. We did her 30 Days of Yoga Challenge Day 1 video. By the end of the video, I was hooked. After 6 days of daily Yoga, my friend backed out of the challenge, but I kept going. Since then I have been practicing Yoga almost daily for 21 months now.

Weight Loss - 21 Months of Daily Yoga

Yoga truly has changed my life. Before Yoga I was angry. I was wanting to better myself but didn’t know how to do so. I wanted to find inner peace and happiness but was struggling to find ways of accomplishing this. My childhood was an absolute nightmare. I dealt with abuse, including bullying at home and school, and I spent most of my 20's trying to find a way out of my depression. I turned to marijuana and friends regularly, running anywhere and everywhere that would distract me from my own thoughts. It wasn't until I began my regular Yoga practice that I learned to be in my own thoughts; with myself, by myself; and be comfortable in my own skin. I began to crave this time to myself.

I Finally Feel Beautiful & Happy