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Yoga With Mikenze - 2 Years of Namaste

Can you believe it has been 2 years?! It feels like it has flown by, but looking back I realize that I have grown so much in that time. And there is so much growth happening now as well! But let's break down the past before we talk about exciting changes to come.

Mikenze in Bali - Nov 19, 2019

I had no idea what I was going to do when I got home from Bali in 2019. I knew I would teach, but I didn't know where or how I would start. I decided to not apply for positions in studios and go with my own business instead because I wanted full control over my classes without the pressure of a studio, especially considering I had never been to one myself. So I took a shot and posted in the Prince Edward County Facebook groups, planning to travel to my students' homes. It was a very casual post advertising my services, and very quickly after I had my first response. She turned into my very first student.

The first 3 months of business were full of steady growth as I navigated running my business part time and working in the Social Service Worker field full time. Then on the last day of February 2020 I lost my job, so I decided to run my business full time... And we all know what happened 2 weeks later... the pandemic took my brand new business in a brand new direction - online.

Mikenze in Mermaid - June 2020

The transition online was a relatively easy one, and my students were very grateful to have the option to continue my classes. Some students decided to not continue for various reasons related to the state of the world, but luckily I was given a very helpful suggestion to start another business that would compliment my Yoga business - Social Media Management.

I started with two referrals and then began to gain clients on my own. As I grew this business, I started planning and making preparations for Goat Yoga to start in July in Prince Edward County. Thankfully I had learned enough about marketing that I was able to spread the word and have a very successful first season.

Online numbers dwindled in summer but bounced back by winter. Social Media Mikenze saw good growth into 2021, but that Spring brought new challenges for both businesses. I had planned to open Goat Yoga on May 2-4 weekend, but mother nature had other plans. In fact, she decided that she was going to display her power for the entire spring, summer, and fall. We had so much rain that we were only able to run approximately 20% of our scheduled classes. And then on September 2nd I lost the Goat Yoga venue all together!

Mikenze in Wide Legged Forward Fold - May 2021

I spent that morning in complete disbelief, but by the afternoon I had collected myself and created a plan to save my season. Thankfully I had started working with a new client for Social Media, Suzie, who was also interested in my Yoga services. Did I mention she owned a farm and already had everything we needed for Farm / Goat Yoga? Well I visited her later that afternoon to pitch her my idea, and after a few days of thinking, she happily agreed to host Farm / Goat Yoga for the remainder of the season.

Mikenze & Suzie - September 2021

I finished the season with Suzie in October, and now we are working on creating an incredible new Goat Yoga experience for the 2022. I am growing my Online classes and arranging my schedule in a way to suit all of my students' movement needs and goals. Social Media Mikenze is also growing and I am now able to work with an intern who gets to learn the tricks of my trade while also helping me push my business forward.

It feels absolutely incredible that I have made it to where I am today! Despite 2021 being an incredibly difficult year, I know that 2022 will be full of incredible blessings and will bring much success! So Happy 2022 My Yogis! This is Our Year!

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