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Yoga With Mikenze: A Journey Through A Friend's Eyes - Sam

Mikenze's Headshot 2019

Preface: When Sam and I met, I was cast as the lead of a play that her Company was producing. Sam knew me first as a singer, dancer, actress, and then as a Yoga Instructor, Social Media Manager, and Financial Educator.

Mikenze is one of those individuals who, when you first meet her, you are instantly drawn too. This might be because of her infectious laugh, her fun disposition or her powerful voice but I believe it is her passion for life that makes individuals stop and take notice of her. Mikenze is currently running three businesses simultaneously, so to call her hard working and driven is an understatement. What makes her situation so unique though is the diversity between the three: Yoga instructor, social media manager and financial advisor. If you are worried that having so many commitments will mean that her clients will be forgotten about, I can reassure you they are her first priority. I believe that’s why she is so driven, it’s her need to help others. Her drive in life is people and I believe that is the common thread between each of the companies she manages. Each one focuses on improving the quality of life for the people around her. If that’s helping them reconnect with their body through yoga, connect better with clients and improve work life through social media or helping individuals navigate the ups and downs of personal finance.

Mikenze in 'ART' by Yasmina Reza

Life has not always been easy for Mikenze, she has had her hardships like we all have. I think that is the most important part of life; how we take the hard moments and use them for growth. Mikenze went to school for musical theatre. She may not be on Broadway or at Stratford but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t succeeded with her education. She uses that education everyday with her ability to control her body in movements, the creativity to find new ways to reach out to others, and the discipline it takes to go over and over something until it’s perfect.

Mikenze's Headshot 2020

Mikenze filed for bankruptcy in 2013, and one could criticize that, saying that shows recklessness. I would counter and say: I think it shows bravery and perseverance. She is learning and educating others about the perils of what real life can be and what it takes to completely rebuild one’s self again. She owns these difficulties with a strength that is inspiring because she wants to help people, not because she was given everything in life, but because she was there. She was there at rock bottom and she understands and sympathizes with anyone else who is there. Mikenze wants to help share that courage when others might not have it. The courage to make hard decisions in hard times that so many of us will never have to. It is easy to tell someone what to do from a place of privilege, but it means everything for someone to open their heart about their struggles and empathize with yours. To walk with you through the darker times in life and hold your hand because they know the way as they have had to walk that path before.

If you get the chance to work with Mikenze in one of her many realms of passion you won’t be disappointed. No matter which company you are interested in, I can promise you, you will get the genuine Mikenze. I don’t believe there are enough people in business today who are unapologetically authentic, but I’m glad Mikenze is. I believe it’s the essence of what makes her so special.


Co-Founder of Shatterbox Theatre

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