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Yoga With Mikenze: A Journey Through A Friend's Eyes - Susie

Mikenze's Reddit Post in r/Yoga

I first met Mikenze earlier this year through Reddit, and our friendship continued to grow on Instagram. I was drawn to Mikenze’s style and attitude- I loved that she embraced yoga as she is now, in this moment. I find this attitude to be inspiring and refreshing when I am being hard on myself for not “nailing” a pose or when I am just being hard on myself in general. One of my favorite things about Mikenze’s page and content is how she will select a pose, break down the physical aspect of it, and will describe how to get into and hold the pose. Too often in the yoga world we find teachers that don’t focus enough on alignment, but Mikenze spends a lot of time ensuring safety and attainability of poses which is so important! You’ll never feel like you “cant” do something in Mikenze’s classes.

I wholeheartedly appreciate Mikenze’s way of not only teaching yoga but her way of embracing the emotions that come along with the physical practice. Through practicing yoga and meditating, we learn that a lot of “stuff” comes up. Mikenze takes the time to not only encourage you to embrace your “stuff”, but also to breathe through and work through your “stuff”. A lot of times we hear about modifying a pose, but we don’t always hear about how to slow down and breathe through a moment. Mikenze is the type of teacher that allows you to show up as you are without judgement and without pressure. Her welcoming attitude and her ability to meet you where you are is such a rare treat.

In addition to Mikenze’s positive and inspiring attitude, we bonded on sobriety and practicing through anxiety. Working through and obtaining sobriety is one of the most difficult things someone can do, and we both recognized and acknowledged that in each other. Finding a teacher (and a friend!) with such understanding and compassion toward trauma and overcoming trauma is so rare in this world, and I believe that Mikenze’s support is so pertinent when you talk to her and take a class with her.

Not only does Mikenze offer the physical practice of yoga, but she also offers the mental and emotional practice of yoga. It isn’t easy to put yourself out there physically and emotionally, but she embodies these tasks with ease. Coming to class with Mikenze and getting to know Mikenze feels like you are walking into a warm hug. You are greeted with kindness, understanding, and unconditional love. Mikenze embodies so much of what I was looking for when I found yoga. I needed honest conversation, friendship, and a way to connect with myself. Mikenze is a piece of the yoga puzzle I was putting together and I am truly grateful for her. I am grateful for the friendship I made, and also for finding such an incredible, all encompassing teacher of this sacred practice. Mikenze is the best and I highly recommend taking a class with her, or even chatting her up for a nice soulful conversation!

Note from Mikenze - Thank you so much Susie! I am so grateful to have you in my life. You are such a down-to-earth person that I could talk to for hours. Namaste my friend!

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