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Yoga With Mikenze: A Year in Review Pt 1

A full year has passed since I started my Yoga Teaching journey, and what a journey it has been! When I went to Bali, Indonesia over one year ago, I wasn’t sure what would happen after I returned home, but I never would have imagined I would own my own business, not to mention branch out to have 2 more thriving businesses as well.

My year started slowly. I created a Facebook page and advertised in the local groups. I gradually picked up some students and started a regular routine with them. I was growing this in the beginning of the year while I worked full time at a social service agency. At the end of February, the agency decided I was better suited to run my own business full time, and I completely agreed! That is when I started tracking my hours, recording everything I did, and working on my online presence.

Because I wanted to grow my online presence and fix my search engine optimization, I reached out to a local Webmaster. This gentleman informed me that I was very good with social media and suggested I start a social media management business. I decided to give it a go, and he referred me two clients.

It was at this time that the pandemic hit in Ontario. Due to popular demand, I transitioned my classes online via Zoom. This started my online yoga teaching journey and adventure in finding the right schedule to fit all of mine and my students’ needs. It wasn’t until October though, that I finally found the perfect schedule to accommodate everyone.

In the spring I had also arranged with a local farmer to start teaching Goat Yoga classes on her farm. In July we had our first class and it quickly grew from there. This Goat Yoga season was such a hit! I am so thankful to the farmer (and my own intuition) for following through with this idea because my students and I have loved every minute of it!

Near the end of the summer, I was offered a really neat opportunity to be featured on the Prince Edward County radio station’s Taking Care of Business program. This was my first time doing a radio interview, and it really made me think more in depth about what Goat Yoga did for myself and my students.

The farmer and I are working hard to make it even better next season! I will be purchasing Goat Yoga t-shirts that I will sell on the field and in my online shop, and I will be having a small stage built so that all participants can see me. The farmer bred the goats earlier this season so we will have kids hopefully by June of next year.

During the summer months I was also busy building my social media business, assisting a few small businesses with their social media and business needs. I was also busy helping a young woman grow her own brand and confidence to finally run her own fitness business. I also finally created my own social media manager Instagram account and website in the fall. Both have been quite effective in attracting new clientele.

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