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Yoga With Mikenze Goes to the Market

In November 2020, my neighbour invited me to a Pop-Up Christmas Vendor Market. I decided to try it out and see what happened. I created Gift Certificates to sell at the market, good for January 2021, called ‘New Year, New You!’ I also created a backboard display, just like in science class, to display my info and photos. I gathered everything up and loaded it into my car, excited to see what would happen at this market.

My Yoga Services Display Board

I decided to bring a friend along with me to watch my table and talk to people if I needed to go to the washroom. My friend helped me sort out my display and the door opened. There were quite a few people who came through the market. I sold 7 Gift Certificates, but more importantly, I networked with many new potential students. I was able to promote Goat Yoga in May, which I believe will now have even more students because of this marketing, and I handed out many cards to those who were looking to start their Yoga journey with me online. The other bonus of being at the market was that I was able to network with other vendors to help them with their social media and business growth.

My Goat Yoga Display Board

I met many new people at that Market and knew it was a great choice to spend my time there. I also picked up a few things from other vendors, such as display ideas and products they offer. I purchased a new tablecloth and am working on creating a more professional and creative table display. I decided to try out a few more markets before Christmas.

The second market I attended was a total wash, but I did get some excellent networking in, which is invaluable in business. The third and final Christmas market was a successful one as I sold another 7 Gift Certificates and handed out many cards for Yoga & Meditation and for social media services as well.

I also made some new friends from these Markets, and I look forward to attending as many vendor markets as I can in the new year. I plan to have more products available for purchase in a much better display. Watch my social media for market announcements to catch my upgrades in the near future!

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