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Yoga With Mikenze on Reddit

A few months ago I decided to expand my business and hire a Webmaster to help me increase my online presence. He helped me to update me website SEO and got me started on Pinterest and Reddit. I had never used Reddit before until he encouraged me to try it. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I created an account anyway and began to post in different subreddits and respond to people’s posts.

Reddit is a social media website that has forums called subreddits where you can post questions, comments, photos, and videos based on, related to, or on the topic of the subreddit. From there, people who are a part of the subreddit can upvote or downvote your post, which will either result in your post being deleted from being downvoted to negative votes, or have it at the top of the subreddit if you receive enough upvotes. Reddit users are notorious for being savage, leaving hilarious and/or cringe-worthy comments under posts. Reddit does have its other side of positive, supportive users as well. Also, if users like your post enough they can give you prizes and awards for it. With each upvote, prize, or comment, your account receives Karma. Your account will also lose karma for downvotes. This Karma shows the value of your User Account on Reddit. I began to slowly gain Karma and get the hang of Reddit after having several posts deleted for not following rules.

Yoga With Tim - Day 6 of 30 Day Challenge

I was trying to figure out what posts would work for the Yoga subreddit. I decided to post a hyper lapsed video of myself doing a Yoga flow from YouTube, unsure of how people would react. Very shortly after I hit my first 100 upvotes, and the comments I was getting were incredible and uplifting. People were commenting positively on my flexibility, strength, posture, alignment, confidence, physical appearance, and of course, my cat. They also wanted to know more about my journey and what got me into Yoga. These comments left me feeling even more confident and proud of myself.

Through this post, I also discovered the underbelly of Reddit. One user actually told me that it doesn't count if I eat KFC afterward and to please eat a salad. I didn't respond to this comment or any other negative comment, just simply downvoted it and it was deleted shortly after. Though I didn't respond there, but I can respond now... I just think this comment is oddly specific and hilarious because in reality, I haven't had KFC or any other fast food in over one and a half years. And why KFC? Were they craving KFC themselves and feeling guilty about it? Whatever the reason, I was left chuckling to myself and feeling even more confident as this comment was downvoted by many users almost as soon as it was posted. Bye!

Side Plank Progress Sept 2018 - Mar 2020

My Webmaster and I were shocked (positively so!) when that post hit 2,200 upvotes! He was convinced that it would be impossible for me to do this again. I was now out to prove him wrong. My next post was a progress photo collage of my Side Plank Pose. It started with stacked feet and me concentrating hard on a focal point while I held on for dear life. It ended with my leg lifted and arm reaching toward my lifted foot, and a look of ease on my face as I held it with no difficulty. This post reached Reddit users who started telling me how inspiring and motivating I am.

People were so impressed with my progress that I received a Silver Metal award for this post. The compliments and upvotes continued to roll in for two days until it reached 5,700 upvotes! I was praised for my progress and strength, for planking on loose rock, for the places I have planked, and for my inner light shining through. I felt so amazing from the reaction to this post, even when the keyboard warriors called me “Chunky Monkey” and told me to lose weight or try cardio. They are irrelevant, and there are many more people who love me than hate. So again, after their comments were downvoted and deleted, bye!

Dancer Pose Progress Oct 2019 - Apr 2020

After these posts, I posted another hyper lapsed video and Dancer Pose progress photo collage, both receiving hundred of upvotes and positive uplifting comments. The next post that got me great recognition in the Yoga subreddit was my Mermaid Pose progress photo collage. It received 2,700 upvotes and comments like, “Your face gets happier and happier as you achieve more. It's precious!” Some users expressed that my photo collage gave them hope that they too can succeed and have progress in Yoga.

Mermaid Progress July 2019 - Dec 2019

I was slightly nervous to post my next photo, as it was my weight loss photo where my belly is exposed. I was waiting for the trolls to come along and tear me apart, but it didn't happen! For the first time one of my posts, the most vulnerable one, received zero negative comments! The comments I did receive though were amazing. Many people noticed my healthy, positive, glowing smile and told me I should be proud of myself. One user wanted more detail on how I feel now versus then. My response received almost 100 upvotes. I told them “I am so much happier now. I am calmer. I handle stressful situations completely differently. I am so much stronger mentally and physically. I have always been resilient, but now I am almost bullet proof. And though I still have some fat to burn, I have an incredibly strong core and legs.”

I am so impressed with the Reddit platform. It has helped me to connect to new Yoga minded people and even make a few friends. It led me to a Body Positive Yoga Instructor in North Carolina who inspired me and taught me so much in just a one hour conversation online. I am excited for my future with Reddit and to see what and who it will attract to my life. I highly recommend Reddit to anyone and everyone! You never know who you could meet and what kind of positivity you could bring into your life!

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