Yoga With Mikenze on Reddit

A few months ago I decided to expand my business and hire a Webmaster to help me increase my online presence. He helped me to update me website SEO and got me started on Pinterest and Reddit. I had never used Reddit before until he encouraged me to try it. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I created an account anyway and began to post in different subreddits and respond to people’s posts.

Reddit is a social media website that has forums called subreddits where you can post questions, comments, photos, and videos based on, related to, or on the topic of the subreddit. From there, people who are a part of the subreddit can upvote or downvote your post, which will either result in your post being deleted from being downvoted to negative votes, or have it at the top of the subreddit if you receive enough upvotes. Reddit users are notorious for being savage, leaving hilarious and/or cringe-worthy comments under posts. Reddit does have its other side of positive, supportive users as well. Also, if users like your post enough they can give you prizes and awards for it. With each upvote, prize, or comment, your account receives Karma. Your account will also lose karma for downvotes. This Karma shows the value of your User Account on Reddit. I began to slowly gain Karma and get the hang of Reddit after having several posts deleted for not following rules.