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Yoga With Mikenze Reviews YouTube Yogi Adriene Mishler

My First Days of Yoga With Adriene

I was first introduced to Yoga by a suggestion to try Yoga With Adriene on YouTube. Adriene Mishler, and her YouTube Channel Yoga With Adriene, are now gaining popularity and fame at a staggering rate. I began Adriene's 30 Days of Yoga Challenge and was pleasantly surprised. I found it to be challenging but manageable, and this pushed me to want more. Though I didn’t know then that this was the first step in my personal Yoga journey, I pushed through and found I didn’t want to stop.

"Tadaaasanaaa" - Adriene Mishler

I stuck with Adriene every day for 14 months. I found her to be incredibly supportive and inclusive, providing variations for each pose and pushing just the right amount to not want to give up. She kept each flow fresh, prompting for new poses each day, targeting different muscles and areas of the body. She taught alignment with each pose, prompting proper posture to achieve the maximum benefit of each pose and to avoid injury.

Adriene taught me a lot about Yoga, some of which I take into my own teaching style today. She taught me a lot of terminology and Asana names, like Tadasana, which she exclaimed in a “tada” fashion like she would while teaching children. She taught me a lot about Pranayama practices as well, including abdominal breathing and Kapalabati breath. All of this came in extremely handy while I was training as a Yoga teacher myself on the other side of the world.

6 Months of Daily Yoga With Adriene Videos

I found Adriene to be very real, talking about how sore she was from her practice and other fitness routines. She would switch her words around while prompting transitions and poses and then chuckle at herself while she corrected her sentence. She showed that she herself is on a Yoga and life journey and still has poses that she wants to accomplish.

Yoga With Adriene's videos were perfect for me as a beginner, and I recommend her often to those who want to try Yoga but cannot currently afford online or other classes with me. I want people to discover the incredible benefits of Yoga, regardless of who they learn it from. Yoga is life-changing and can help people in many ways. I am thankful every day for people like Adriene, who just want to help people discover themselves through Yoga in any way possible, and thus change and save lives. I’m grateful that she helped to save mine, and put me on my personal Yoga path.

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