Yoga With Mikenze Student Success Stories Pt 1

I started teaching back in December of 2019 and officially made it my business on January 1, 2020. Since then I have had many students come and go but I have had a handful stick around for the long run. These students have seen some major changes in their physical and mental states. They have all given me permission to tell you about their success.

My first regular student started with her roommate in December and has been taking classes regularly since. Originally, we started in their home, but had to switch to online classes; despite the switch, both have seen much progress. In the beginning, her roommate was not able to touch her toes, but can now touch them easily. For herself, there has been a steady commitment which has led to many changes. She initially tried my class after having been left behind in other yoga classes in the past. She was pleasantly surprised with me as a teacher as I was able to give her the attention required in each Asana until she was confident in her posture. Because of this attention to detail of each Asana and her growing confidence, she finally felt she had found the right teacher for her. Her balance has increased immensely, her core has gotten much stronger, and she has noticed a massive difference in her muscles, stretching and strengthening with each class. Also, she can now grab her foot when in Pigeon Pose.