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Yoga With Mikenze Transitions Back to In-Person Classes

It has been just over a year of Online Classes only with the exception of Goat Yoga classes last summer. This year I have decided to start regular in-person classes again, but only outside in specific locations.

These classes still wont be like your regular class because I still shouldn't touch people to make adjustments. To be honest, there are only a few adjustments I even remember after a year of no touchy-touchy. Or maybe I will ask people if they do or do not want adjustment. I guess I will play that one by ear. But none-the-less, I am still excited to be outside, on a beach, with people on a regular basis.

Eventually, I hope, I can transition back into making adjustments. The physical adjustments really do make a big difference in a Yogi's practice. Some people do not have that sense of body awareness to be able to take verbal adjustment cues, so when I can physically move them to where they should be, it really helps their practice.

This summer I will be back on the farm for Goat Yoga With Mikenze, on a private beach resort with Cherry Beach - Great Blue Resorts, outside at Cape Vineyards, outside at Zwick's Park with Quinte Picnics, and possibly at a farm with a Horse activity afterward. Visit my Website to join my in-person and online classes!

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