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Goat Yoga 2022 Meet the Family

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

At the end of 2021, Suzie and I welcomed some new friends to our Goat Yoga family.

Meet Tully:

Sex / Breed / Birthday:

Male - Weathered / Nigerian Dwarf Goat / July 15, 2021

Tully came to us from a lovely farm here in Southern Ontario at 3 months old. Tully was born polled, which means he was born without horns! Other Nigerian Dwarf goats would have their horns removed, called disbudding. This is done for the health and safety of the animals.

Tully is a very sweet boy who enjoys his human cuddles but also enjoys his time with his goat family. He blended in nicely with the crew and we just love him.

Meet Chloe:

Sex / Breed / Birthday:

Female / Nigerian Dwarf Goat / April 28, 2018

Chloe came to us from the same farm as Tully at 3.5 years old. Chloe has unique horns because when she was disbudded as a kid, a small piece was missed on both sides, causing her horns to grow back much thinner and curlier.

Chloe is a very smart Nigerian Dwarf goat. She is the Matriarch of our little goat herd and a fantastic mama! She is always aware of what's going on in her surroundings and makes sure her herd mates are safe, watching everything and letting nothing get by her.

Meet Dottie:

Sex / Breed / Birthday:

Female / Nigerian Dwarf Goat / March 15, 2021

Dottie came to us from a different breeder here in Southern Ontario at the age of 8 months. She will be our second herd Mama. You will find her by Ace's side most days, loving the attention she gets from him.

Meet Ace:

Sex / Breed / Birthday:

Male / Nigerian Dwarf Goat / October 15, 2020

Ace came to us from yet another breeder here in Southern Ontario at the age of 12 months. We absolutely fell in love with his colouring and his adorable, stinky face.

Ace is an in-tact buck, meaning he will be one of the Papas of our herd. Male goats are known for their mating calls which includes funny noises, tongue waggling, and urinating on their face.

Meet Gruff:

Sex / Breed / Birthday:

Male / Nigerian Dwarf Goat / March15, 2021

Gruff came to us with his sister Dottie at the age of 8 months. He is an in-tact male and the second Papa of our herd.

Gruff is rambunctious and playful. He often plays with Tully and spends time whispering sweet nothings in the ladies' ears.

Tully, Chloe, Ace, Dottie, and Gruff are joined by the following two Goat bullies.

Meet Diamond:

Sex / Breed / Birthday:

Female / Pigmy / February 1, 2016

Diamond has been with us the longest. She enjoys spending time in the field with the horses, eating their hay. But since the other goats have arrived, she spends much more time with her new goat family.

Meet Sherman:

Sex / Breed / Birthday:

Male - Whethered / Pigmy / February 1, 2016

Sherman and Diamond are brother and sister. Sherman's large body is reflective of his love for food. He also enjoys spending time in the field with the horses, eating their hay.

Also presenting.........

Meet Frankie:

Sex / Breed / Birthday:

Female / Mini Pig / June 28, 2021

Frankie is a mini pig with a big personality. She is full of love and life. She is super friendly after being hand raised as her mother could not care for her and her siblings. We chose to keep Frankie because of her warm, sweet personality with the hopes that she will transfer these traits to her future offspring.

Meet Fin:

Sex / Breed / Birthday:

Male / Dalmatian / January 28, 2021

Fin is full of energy. He is a super friendly boy who loves to greet all guests and passers-by on the Millenium trail. He loves playing with his big brother Beau and has a special relationship with every member of our herd.

Although he will not be in the Yoga zone with us, rest assure he will greet you and serenade you goodbye as well.

They joined many other animal friends as well, but the humans of the Goat Yoga family were extra excited to welcome them!

Meet Mikenze - The Yoga Teacher


ASALAB: Any Size, Any Level, Any Body ©

Mikenze has been teaching Yoga for 2+ years and Meditation for 1.5 years. This Canadian Yogi trained in Bali, Indonesia with YogaUnion and now teaches Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Online and In-Person in Prince Edward County & Belleville, Ontario, Canada. Mikenze's Online classes include ASALAB Yoga (1h), Stretch (45m), and Power Half Hours (30m).

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Since opening her Yoga business, Mikenze has grown as an entrepreneur. Social Media Mikenze is her second business where she manages other businesses' social media accounts, coaches other entrepreneurs in social media marketing, and designs websites and social media content. Using her social service worker and creative (singing, dancing, acting, writing) background, Mikenze has worked hard to develop her services and events, including Goat Yoga, into what they are today.

Meet Suzie - The Farm Mama

Suzie has always been an Entrepreneur! She started out in the Culinary world, developing her own sauce line and artisan food products. After purchasing a rural property with her husband, Suzie founded and developed Heal With Horses Therapeutic Centre, a Registered Canadian Charity dedicated to improving physical and mental wellness through animals and nature. She has always had a close connection to animals and that's how Hogs and Kisses Mini Pigs came to life. Suzie also has taken her culinary background in combination with her love of homemade soaps and lotions to create her own line of products: Suzie's Secrets. Product Line Coming Soon!

Mikenze & Suzie are now working together to build the ultimate Goat Yoga experience!

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