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Goat Yoga 2022 - FAQ's

What IS Goat Yoga?!

Goat Yoga is exactly as it sounds - Yoga with goats running around and on you! The Yoga flow is gentle but will likely have you breaking a sweat. We take a few extra breaks to pet and feed the animals as well.

Why Yoga with Goats?!

Goats are unique because they love to climb, meaning they will likely be more interactive with humans. They are also super cute. Why wouldn't you want to spend time with baby goats?! But the biggest reason to practice Yoga with goats is the elevated sense of soothing and calm that the animals provide. Yoga outside or in nature is already a refreshing experience, but add the goats and it just heightens it to the next level of fun and refreshing.

Do the goats actually jump on you?!

Yes! Not all of them will, but for the most part, goats love to climb! This means they will likely jump onto your back to get a little higher and see a little more.

Do the animals bite?

Goats are not known to bite people to hurt them, but every once in a while, especially the younger ones, will nibble on clothing or hair to test to see if it is edible. Pigs are generally pretty friendly, but when in heat, some can be a little snippier. For this reason we will only have piglets and friendlier adult pigs in the Goat Yoga zone.

Do the animals poop/ pee?

Yes! But! After 2 years of teaching Goat Yoga, I have yet to see a goat pee on someone. Their poop is also different than other animals because it comes out as hard little pellets. However, they do poop often and don't mind where it happens. So this means you may have to flick a few poops off your mat. But really, we don't think that is a deal breaker. It's just nature. Every body poops!

Can children participate?

We do not allow participants under the age of 8 to participate in our Goat Yoga classes for safety reasons. We do not have enough eyeballs to watch your child, the animals, and the other participants. We also cannot have children chasing the goats as this will scare them and cause issues for us later on. We DO however have other experiences for children, which will be announced soon and will run through Heal With Horses Therapeutic Centre.

Do I need a mat or equipment?

All mats are now provided and included in your ticket price. No equipment is needed.

Can I get a discount if we remove the extras?

Short answer is: No. The reason for this is that everything is worked into the price. So let's break the pricing down:

  • Scheduled Class - $60 per person

  • Private Class - $75 per person

  • Semi - Private Session - $205

  • Private Session - $205

How can I get a discount?

Starting April 1st, no joke, we will be offering a punch card program through GetintheLoop so that if you want to join us more than once, you can do so and get your fourth class FREE! You can access these discounts here, or download the GetintheLoop App and search Goat Yoga.

If there are any questions we missed, please reach out -

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