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Goat Yoga 2022 With Mikenze in Prince Edward County

After 2 years of teaching Goat Yoga, I have learned what works and what doesn't. This year I will be implementing all of my experience with that of Suzie from Hogs and Kisses Mini Pigs and Heal With Horses Therapeutic Centre to bring you the ultimate (and Only) Goat Yoga experience in Prince Edward County! I will introduce Suzie officially on February 21st, but for now, lets break down some of the major improvements and upgrades for Goat Yoga 2022.

An Overhead View - Old Location Vs New Location

Close to Wellington in Prince Edward County

Location, Location, Location! Like anything in life, its all about location! Not only will you be able to enjoy a larger class area, but this new location also has more scenic space to lose yourself in. Wellington is the new “Hot Spot” of the County and is much easier to get to!

On-Site Parking

Parking in Prince Edward County in 2021 was a major point of contention with locals and tourists alike. In the summer of 2020, PEC experienced a population increase on top of a massive influx of tourists. This caused massive congestion throughout the County and that led to many problems including road congestion from vehicles parking alongside the road to access various places in Prince Edward County. As a way of curbing this issue the following tourism season, the County Council implemented $400 parking fines for vehicles parked in no-parking zones along the roadsides of PEC.

This "solution" led to outrage from local businesses who relied on street & road-side parking and confusion and fear from tourists for many reasons. First, this fine amount far surpasses any parking fine amount in even major cities like Toronto (approx $52 fine), so to have a fine that is 800% more expensive in a rural community does not make sense. But then there is question of, "well if we cannot park on the street, where do we park?" And also, "where exactly can we park and not park?" See, Canada has two official languages, and we get a lot of French tourists here in Prince Edward County, and not all of those travellers know all English road signs, such as Ontario's 'no parking' sign. And of course there are also people travelling here from the city who don't drive regularly, or people just miss the signs altogether. Then add the fact that we are into the second year of a global pandemic and funds are tight but people are screaming to get out of their condos. The extremely high parking fine on top of the inflated prices for tourism, it made sense that 2021 was not a super successful year for many businesses in PEC because many people just could not afford to spend like had before.

It is important to tell that back story so that you understand the importance of having on-site parking for Goat Yoga in 2022 and beyond!

On-Site Change Room and Washroom

Having a washroom on-site is a total game changer! I know many women are similar to me in that they have to use the washroom frequently, so when students arrived at the old location to realize there was no washroom, they would have to drive to the public washroom down the road and hope she could get in quickly. Or they will decide to hold it which can negatively affect their experience. At our new location, there is a washroom on site and it is large enough for students to change quickly if need be. Keep in mind that this washroom is a port-a-potty, so if that is something you just cannot deal with, please make sure you use the washroom before arriving to the farm.

More Animals: Goats, Goat Kids, Pigs, Piglets

Not only does our new location house goats and pigs, but there are also chickens, baby chicks, ducks, ducklings, rabbits, cats, dogs, horses, and a mini donkey! You are guaranteed to fall into the peaceful world of animals and nature.

More Class Options to Suit You & Your Groups' Needs

This year we are adding some new class options to suit everyone's needs. On top of our regularly scheduled classes, students will be able to book a private one on one Goat Yoga experience where Yoga With Mikenze will guide you through a session type of your choice. These types range from deep stretch incorporating relaxation massage and focusing on proper alignment to a high energy Hatha / Vinyasa flow. Students will practice on my stage, elevated from the ground and of course, a goat or two will be involved. Students can also try a Partner Yoga session that is perfect for couples or friends. Yoga With Mikenze will have you feeling closer than ever in this fun and creative experience. Students can also book a private group class for 3+ people where they will get the same experience as a scheduled class but with their own private group.

New Products to Commemorate Your Experience

Not only will we still have "Goat Yoga With Mikenze" t-shirts and "Healing Goat Bracelets" available, but we will also have Goat Milk lip balm, soaps, and lotion available for purchase! And the best part about having these new products is that we can now send each Goat Yoga student home with a little complementary gift! You will have to join us to find out what it is!

Improved Rain/Weather/Back-Up Plan

We got very lucky in 2020 with a dry summer, but we suffered dearly in 2021. We were only able to run about a quarter of our scheduled classes. This year, however, at our new location, we have a back-up plan for those days that are calling for rain. Cancellation will only take place if we are having extreme weather conditions, such as lightning and high winds. lightning storms or extreme winds, but this plan will ensure that we rain cancellation will be way less this year!

Suzie and I are very excited for our 2022 Goat Yoga season and will be releasing more information as we get closer to our opening date in May. So make sure to subscribe to my monthly newsletter and stay tuned for exciting updates to come!

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